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What documents do I need to set up an LLC for my new business?

I have been asked this question numerous times and my initial answer is always a series of questions right back to the person asking me: Why are you setting up an LLC for your business? How did you determine you need … Continue reading

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What is a “living will” and why do I need one?

I’m cheating a little bit this morning and writing a blog on a question I didn’t actually receive from someone, but I ran across an excellent article in the Wall Street Journal discussing the uses and limitations of living wills that … Continue reading

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I am about to sell my home for less than I owe on my mortgage and the bank has agreed to take the loss. Are there any tax consequences?

This is actually a very important issue this year because of a change in the tax laws that’s due to occur at the end of the year that will result in a loss of big tax savings on January 1, … Continue reading

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